Luna the Vampire KICKSTARTER

OMG! Is it true? YES IT IS.

I would LOOOVE to print a decent comic so I started a Kickstarter to get it done. Of course you can already read them online but nothing feels better than a comic on paper in my opinion. Lovely for reading in the train without draining your batteries and on the toilet for a little “YOU” time. Because let be honest, we ALL read on the toilet.

You can find the Kickstarter page here.  And you can see the “Lovely” movie that goes with it here:


Feel free to share, comment and whatnot. And in the mean time you can read the fist four Luna comics here. 


Fist Luna comic book :D






I had 25 hand numbered Luna the Vampire comics made. They are in English and contain the first 2 comics I made for Luna. They are hand numbered, and I’ll draw A little something, something for you in your copy if you want me to.
If you are interested please contact me via email (ysheikh @  And I’ll send you the info you”ll need 😀
They are so flippn’ shiny  sheesh…

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