Fan art of fan art

Yessss I know it’s weird but I got totally inspired by this awesome Pack Man fan art a friend posted on facebook that reminded him of me.. And here it is:

Please click to enlarge.. oh and I made this as fan art for the image I linked above so this was not my idea at all. If anyone knows the one who made that image please let me know, I would like to credit the artist.

What's the matter Charlie Brown

What’s the matter Charlie Brown?

Every Wednesday Robin and I come up with something to draw about, we’re supposed to finish it in half a day-ish
This week we  had to place 2 different comic characters in one drawing interacting.
After thinking long and hard I chose Pip of Pip and Norton
and Charlie Brown.I finished this in 2 hours, please check out Robin’s weblog for his team-up 🙂 click!

The Copyrights to Pip belong to Dave Cooper
The Copyrights to Charlie Brown belong to Charles M. Schulz

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