Monsters? In space?!?!

Holy space blast!

Ever wondered how it would be if outer space was populated by monsters? LOOK NO FURTHER! As this is the AMAZING everyday life of Luna the vampire. Jam packed with awesome adventures, crazy faces, zombie postmen AND SPACE. You’ll laugh, cry and feel awkward as Luna battles her way through, seas of geeks, giant bags of chips AND THE AFTER LIFE.


These are the amazingly ordinairy  adventures of ‘Luna the Vampire’; where we follow Luna, while she struggles with the daily problems of being a space vampire.



Tell me more about this Luna!

Sure, here are some facts to get you started!

Luna lives in a coffin shaped space ship that is mostly filled with food and toys. She can fly anywhere she wants too -not that she ever does – and so she stays close to her work and the mall.

Luna’s goal in life is getting that highscore in Tako Dance Dance her favourite game of all times.luna_sefie_a

Age: 117 space years
Born: Dark Planet
Spiecies: Space Vampire
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite animal: Space tiger
Favourite food: Junk
Hobbies: Food, Tako dance dance, Plush animals
Occupation: Shop assistent

What does Luna do?

Well, lets look at some classic comic-moments!

Luna is just like me, how do I get the comic?!

Umh, thanks! Just ask for it at your local comic shop, or try one of the many online shops. Or if you want to get it directly from the source, then visit the IDW website.

What about merchandise and origional art?

Hey! That’s cool. I also love to make products & of course I made merchandise for Luna too! You will find it first here at ‘Society 6’ or at  ‘Etsy’.

I also make a lot of origional art (besides the comic pages), which is for sale. I share what I make through my social media– so if you see something you like, just let me know!


Making Luna!

I like to work with pen and paper! So the sketch- and inkwork is done on paper, including writing the text balloons. And when everything is done, I scan the pages and use Photoshop to colour everything.  Below you can see an example of a comic-pannel.


Where did it all start?

Luna’s adventures were first published in a dutch monthly magazine called “Strips2Go”. Soon after, somewhere in  2014,  I started translating the comics in English and posted some of them on-line. Later on, Luna and her universe really developed when I went to the 2015 ‘Pictoplasma Academy’ in Berlin. There Luna really took shape with the help of many great artists, including the awesome Nathan Jurevicius and Rilla Alexander.

Shortly after that I launched my first Luna- Kickstarter campaign , which enabled me to collect Luna’s stories in a first book (thanks again everyone!).

This book also came to the attention of IDW, and they were interested in publishing Luna worldwide. This was of course amazing news !

So I made some more comics and when I was done, they were first released as  three single issues in the beginning of 2016 (image below) and where then collected in a TPB (bottom right).

(Variant covers by, 1. Amy Mebberson 2. Tom Jilesen 3. Robin Keijzer)

From here on I regularly work on new stories and artwork to expand Luna’s world. And I hope that I’m still doing that when we finally live on the moon!

Fan Art!

I super appriciate all the Luna fan art I recieved! It really keeps me happy & I always hang it on my wall next to my desk. And of course I try to share it through my social media channels. Please have a look at the Fan Art Page, to see all the great art!

(art by NIWI)

Luna on the road!

Whenever I find the time, I go to conventions & occasionally I do a book signing session in a comic shop.  If you like my work, please let me know and step to the booth, I would love to hear your thoughts!  I also sell my origional artwork at conventions and I even make a monster portraits! Here are some of the amazing people that got monterfied by me!

I’ll update you on my convention plans through my social media!

Find me everywhere!





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