Candy Kids

2011 was my first year as a freelance concept artist. And I was lucky enough to work for Abstraction games on a pitch they did for a Iphone game.
The game was called Candy Kids ( at first Fat kids ) and you had to manoeuvre the Candy kid (inspired on Hansel and Gretel) trough the house of the witch to free his sister. Everything in the house was of course candy themed.
I had so much fun on this project ( add I got super hungry too -_-‘ ) Here are some of the levels I decorated (and some more!)

candykidsLogo mock up I did for the game. But let’s be honest; this game was waaaay to cute to be called Fat Kids. So we did not go with it. But man… I loved doing these letters.

met-bewegende-blush BB_eatwall_start_frames BB_eat_frames_flat_B






The character had to be super simple. as you were supposed to be a little round thing that could bounce off walls (you had to rotate you phone for the kid to move, which was super neat!). So we gave it a cute face and just a tiny lock of hair. It was also the first time ever I was involved with any animations. It was quite cool to do.

candykids02All the levels were coated with candy and cakes. It was so much fun! I loved adding all the gradients and glossy finishes on the jelly walls and candy platforms.

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