Awesome animation and zone 5300

I’ve been floored by the Flue for the last 2 weeks. I must say that this is the longest I’ve ever had the flue and it’s SUPER annoying. Luckily I got some things that lightened my dreary days 🙂 First off, I was asked by Zone5300 to translate one of my comics an Dutch to appear in their lovely magazine and to make a cover to go with it. I of course said YES as I’ve been reading the magazine since high school. It’s quite amazing to be able to appear in the magazine that sparked my passion for drawing!

This issue will be in Dutch stores in February 2017  🙂

Also,  Junaid from KLOPM! Animations send me this super awesome animation of Luna and Moopsy which he made because he was bored… I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!

KLOMP! animation is working on something quite awesome right now, they are making a short animation for Ultrakort an animation project from Pathé cinemas. It will be shown before one of their full length features at the end of the year and I can tell you, it’s gonna be great!

As I’m sitting staring into space while sick I’ve ended up bored and started up one of my fave games for a second play trough; Zelda – Skyward Sword. I always love running around Skyloft and have secret fantasies of living there and having a little bakery/eatery. So I made this:

I Imagine this would be the house of my dreamboat Skyloftian boyfriend Robin Keijzer who of course would save me every time I drop off the edge of Skyloft like a NOOB.  *sight*

If any one who’s interested I used:
*Holbein 60gr croquis paper
*Kuretake ZIG Clean color “natural gray” for the lines (black always smudges.. No idea why?)
* A mix of alcohol based markers from Le plume, Winsdor and Newton and Copic
* Pentel hybrid Gel Pen for white shines and details

I hope to get better soon and start on NEW Luna comics. Because they are looooong overdue..




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