Wood Paintings!

I love love LOVE playing Dungeons and Dragons. And I love giving the characters I play something extra like a background story. And sometimes I get so inspired by our wild D&D adventures that I paint logo’s inspired by them on scrap-wood. And then this happens:

Scrap wood painting

After making an awesome bench for in the yard we had loads of scrap wood left. And as I have a problem with throwing stuff away, I decided I could use is to make something to hang on our stairway walls. I really love the texture of this wood, it’s great for painting and if you use the right amount of water you keep the texture of the wood in you image <3 Enough professional jibba jabba,

minbin copy

Oh. My. GLOB!

As this has got be be my favourite cartoon right along Ren and Stimpy and Spongebob. And I can keep on watching this over and over again. To me it’s mix between cute, D&D (or high fantasy stuff) video games, awesome dreams, brilliant details and kick ass dialogue. I was hooked after the intro.

Pendleton Ward, I thank you.


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