Reisstijl test

So I made a lot of characters for de City of Utrecht.
They needed them for a test to find out how people feel about using cars instead of going by bike or bus.
So when you do the test you get a character description of the type of “commuter” you are accompanied with one of my characters 🙂
In the end they promoted all over the city (my friend even found of the posters in a toilet..) so people would take the test. And they made loads of posters, stickers, flyers and even beer coasters.

The Awesome people of DDK (who I made the illustrations for) were cool enough to send me a package with some the printed promotion stuff. YAY!





If you know Dutch, check out test here 😀

De launch van Strips2Go was AWESOME! Zo veel leuke en lieve mensen, mega drukte en zonneschijn! Ik wil iedereen die gekomen is en/of die Strips2Go gekocht heeft bedanken 😀 HOEZEE!!!


The launch of Strips2Go was AWESOME! So many sweet and nice people, loads of busyness and lots of sunshine! I want to thank everyone who came and/or bought our magazine 😀 HOORAYY!!

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